Community Impact Project

Hello our names are A'Santi Thompson, Jayhani Kinnie, Hawaa Marie, and Our Community Impact is about Black Lives Matter. The reason why is because there is a big problem in our community where black lives aren't valued as other lives. And also in our community today some black people are treated poorly. And we are tired of this treatment. Our goal is to reach Government officials and everyday people. And people of minorities too change the system so that we can make the world more fair. And our whole ideal goal is to teach that black lives matter and aren't just people in the world that don't matter. We really do matter in this world. And you may wonder what are some actions that can be taken in order to support BLM. Well some of those would be supporting black businesses, spreading the message to others, show inconclusion in things we see, and stoping black on black crime. All this can help us better and enpower our community. So thank you so much for taking your time out to listen to what our group has to say about out Community Impact on Black Lives Matter!

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A'Santi Jayhani

A'Santi, Jayahni, Hawaa and Samaiya's Impact Project